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Nils Vigeland Portrait Concert at Manhattan School of Music

Nils Vigeland Portrait Concert with Longleash Trio

Classical Cafe concert

with soprano Ilana Davidson

Classical Cafe

FretX Duo at Cleveland's Transformer Station

FretX duo (Mak Grgic and Dan Lippel, guitars) perform at the Cleveland Musuem of Art's Transformer Station venue, featuring works by Helmut Lachenmann, Agustin Castila-Avila, Gity Razaz, and Courtney Bryan

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Fret X duo at Beyond Microtonal Festival in Pittsburgh

Fret X duo with Mak Grgic, guitarist

Beyond Microtonal festival at Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol Museum, curated by Mathew Rosenblum

International Contemporary Ensemble plays Dai Fujikura Portrait at Miller Theatre

Dai Fujikura Portrait at Miller Theatre

counter)induction at Adelphi University

counter)induction at Adelphi University

Classical Cafe with Ilana Davidson at An Beal Both

Song recital with soprano Ilana Davidson at An Beal Bocht, 238th Street in Riverdale

part of Classical Cafe series

Song recital with Soprano Ilana Davidson

Song recital with soprano Ilana Davidson in Carlisle, PA

Washington Square Contemporary Players

Works by Chaya Czernowin and Wang Lu

Perle Noire: A Josephine Baker Portrait in Paris

Tyshawn Sorey, composer

Julia Bullock, soprano