Works by Milton Babbitt

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Part of Erik Carlson's Slowly Expanding Milton Babbitt Album

"Composition for Guitar" alternate title: Sheer Pluck
Performed by Dan Lippel
Recorded by Ryan Streber on 2/21/21 at Oktaven Audio
Produced by Dan Lippel and Erik Carlson
Critical listening: Ryan Streber, Mikel Kuehn, and John Link

"Soli e Duettini" Recorded at University of California at San Diego
Performed by Dan Lippel
Recording and editing engineer: Erik Carlson
Produced by Erik Carlson and Dan Lippel

Guitar part for "The Crowded Air" Recorded by Dan Lippel at home in NYC
Produced by Erik Carlson
Mixed by Erik Carlson and Matt Sargent

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