Du Yun: Dinosaur Scar

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Pulitzer Prize winner Du Yun's collaboration with the International Contemporary Ensemble traces back to the group's formation at Oberlin Conservatory. This new release on ICE's Tundra imprint chronicles that fruitful relationship with dynamic ensemble works, solos with and without electronics, and improvisations. Dinosaur Scar captures the synergy of musicians who have spoken a composer's language over many years, and a composer writing for the virtuosity of specific performers.

Includes Vicissitudes Alone for steel string guitar and electronics and Air Glow and Impeccable Quake for ensemble including Air Glow.

“But there are many wonders within Dinosaur Scar, such as Air Glow, which combines five brass players with electric guitar and bass for a sinuous, atmospheric experience that goes on for nearly 11 glorious minutes. The performers are all from the International Contemporary Ensemble, a testament to their 20-year working relationship with Du Yun and an assurance that they are all at the top of their field. Special note must by paid to guitarist Dan Lippel, whose does stunning work all over the record.”

— Jeremy Shatan, An Earful, 10.2018

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