Selected Reviews

  • Daniel Lippel, an exciting soloist and a key member of the International Contemporary Ensemble, plays above, among and alongside his colleagues, fluttering and roaring in works that allude to Mr. Fujikura’s Japanese heritage while also asserting his cosmopolitan style.
    Steve Smith New York Times Arts Beat
  • Guitarist Dan Lippel gave a precise, sensitive rendition of Leo Brouwer’s 1973 “Parabola,” the Cuban composer at his most modernistic, his heritage only implied by his idiomatic fluency with the instrument.
    Matthew Guerrieri Boston Globe
  • ""Lippel, the versatile and skillful guitarist of the International Contemporary Ensemble, goes solo in an evening of new music for electric guitar."
    Steve Smith Time Out New York
  • "Lippel manages this quite well. “Aufenthalt” storms angrily, “Die Post” dances jauntily (but doesn’t fail to catch the note of despair in poet Wilhelm Müller’s lonely lover), and “Ständchen”is simply irresistible. Lippel’s is a strong performance that will reward the listener."
    Ken Keaton Classical Voice of North America
  • "Dan Lippel -- one of the finest classical guitar players I've had the pleasure of seeing live. Together, the sound they made was something beautiful."
    Brighton Music Blog (UK)
  • "The guitarist Daniel Lippel, flutist Claire Chase, and percussionist Nathan Davis -- all members of the estimable International Contemporary Ensemble -- were the stellar instrumentalists here, conducted in a bristling performance by Robert Ainsley."
    Vivian Schweitzer NY Times
  • "Mario Davidovsky's Synchronisms #10 for guitar and tape was performed with exceptional lucidity by Daniel Lippel."
    Mark Barry Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  • "Guitarist Dan Lippel was simply brilliant, knowing exactly when to thrust above the string quartet and when to melt into its textures."
    Boston Musical Intelligencer Peter Van Zandt Lane
  • "Abandoned Time gives us another chance to hear modern guitar polymath, Dan Lippel, this time backed by the stellar International Contemporary Ensemble. Lippel and ICE put their hearts into this project, delivering expressive, detailed, and precise interpretations."
    Guitar Review Ian Antonio
  • “These performances definitely have a live feel, though there's no sense of the facile- only depth caught on the wing. Sometimes Lippel dwells indulgently in the moment, as in the Grave of the A minor Sonata or the Sarabande of the A major Suite; at other times the music is allowed to flow naturally, as in the final movements of those works. Looseness and tension are fluently articulated within a flexible, expressive framework. An impressive release, then. Not a definitive statement- nor is it meant to be. Full marks to Lippel for daring to show a little humanity”
    Gramophone William Yeomen
  • “Dan Lippel was first with Electric Counterpoint, a piece for guitar and tape by Steve Reich. The playing by Dan Lippel here was seamless with the tape and the sound reinforcement system seemed to be up to the task of projecting out into the open spaces of the park. The recorded bass line was particularly effective when present and there was all the energy typical of the music of Reich. The piece unfolded in several sections that were variously festive or a bit more introspective, but all consistently active and upbeat. This was the perfect opening piece for the afternoon and the audience was visibly pleased."
    Sequenza21 Paul Muller
  • "ICE Ensemble guitarist Dan Lippel is a new music whiz on the six-string, which you'd have to be to play two Elliott Carter pieces, one by Milton Babbitt and your own arrangement of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint on the same program."
    TimeOut NY Kurt Gottschalk
  • "Dan Lippel is a formidable guitarist. He strums an eclectic repertoire, including Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint and John Link’s Like Minds."
    Chicago Magazine Doyle Armbrust/Matt Pollock
  • "I must say the music sounds wonderfully well, perhaps the best it ever has in Daniel Lippel's hands. It is marvelously resounding and drivingly rhythmic. It is exceedingly beautiful to begin with, and even more so in this extraordinarily well articulated version. A better 15 minutes I cannot imagine, unless it were to be on some other planet! All guitarists should hear this. Everyone else, too, while we are at it. Seminal."
    Gapplegate Music review of EP release of Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" Grego Applegate Edwards
  • "However, guitarist Dan Lippel did get a chance to “rock out,” which he did with abandon.”
    Sequenza 21 Christian Carey
  • "It’s easy to become lost in Lippel’s playing; he jams his way through the three movements with impeccable rhythm and a verve that, while delightfully engaging, doesn’t emphasize any particular pattern in the music, instead washing over the listener in relaxing bursts of musical chatter. It’s a slightly different take on the piece, and it’s quite nice — a bit more dynamic than previous recordings."
    Cleveland Classical on EP release of Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" Jeremy Reynolds
  • "2004's Unfoldings presents a solo guitar setting realized with exquisite attention to detail by Daniel Lippel, the work's title referencing a progressive unfolding involving a series of six chords and resonant voicings stemming from them."
    textura review of Mikel Kuehn's "Object/Shadow" Ron Schepper
  • "Daniel Lippel on the guitar and Mezzosoprano Nani Füting offered an intense musical experience on an extraordinary level. The guitarist interpreted works from baroque to contemporary composers. He performed convincingly with his expressive, differentiated way of playing. With great color, he played works by Franz Schubert and Isaac Albéniz. The interpretations of contemporary composers such as Nils Vigeland or Reiko Füting were virtuosic and attracted a lot of interest. 'I am fascinated by the technique of the guitarist, which is otherworldly,' enthused Martin Schlinkert from Schulzendorf. Regina Fischer from Niederlehme said that she has never heard such a good guitar player.' "
    Markische Allgemeine - Brandenburg Land Erika Kersten
  • "Guitar is the real backbone of this record, another great job by the Kairos independent record company, where just the two only solo guitar passages, Sparks and Sparking Orbit (masterfully performed by Daniel Lippel) are enough to attract the attention of all the contemporary guitarists. A really great record that, made in 2013, still needs to be listen to, again and again."
    Neu Guitars Andrea Aguzzi